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Location edit revere beach Station Clear out the raiders in the area. Then find the building with kruidvat the blue trim on the boardwalk. Go inside this building. Make for the stairs directly across from where you enter. Climb the stairs to the third floor. At the top of the stairs, head toward the cooking station you can see. Grab the magazine to complete the collection.

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Across the hair way you will see a counter-top in front of you, to the north. You can get behind the counter by using the door to the left. It is locked (Expert level) so you might need a companion along to help break in if you do not have the right skill yet. There is a safe just past the filing cabinets on the left. On the safe is the magazine. Magazine 9 edit live and love magazine in Fallout. Description edit live love: Talk yourself Sober A man is facing his reflection which is pointing at him and talking to him. Both are holding a glass of red wine in one hand. Numerous empty liquor bottles litter the countertop below the tilted mirror. Permanently gain 1 Luck from alcohol when adventuring with a companion.

On the left and right are two women wearing bikini tops and a wrap-around skirt. The woman on the left has on a panda hat and is taking a picture. Companions permanently inflict 5 damage. Location edit college Square This area is largely overrun with Feral Ghouls. Be ready for that when you head. Find the entrance to college Square Station and head down into. Once inside the station, go down the first set of stairs to your left.

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The magazine sits just inside the doorway of this corridor. Go to the table just past the couch. In vitamine front of the candles is the magazine. Magazine 7 edit live and love magazine in Fallout. Description baarmoeder edit live love: Beware the man Handler A lady wearing stockings with garters is on a hotel bed. Next to her is a bounty poster. She is wearing a short black dress with a necklace and bracelet. She is holding a small silenced gun. In the bathroom smoking is the man on the bounty poster. Permanently gain 25 xp from persuading men. Location edit bunker Hill head into the monument and use the stairs inside to head up to the very top. At the top you will find a small table next to the chair.

Companions permanently gain 10 health. Location edit faneuil Hall go inside and turn to the right. There is a terminal there that allows you to trigger a few Protectrons. Activate them to make the initial fight against all the foes ( Super Mutants ) a lot easier. Otherwise, to get to the magazine, you will need to head through the first door in front of you on the left. Go to the back right in the next room. Take the stairs there upwards. On this level, head to the east past the meat Bags. Go through the doorway at the far end. In this stairwell, continue to the east and take the stairs there upwards. Take the next set of stairs up as well. This will lead to a corridor.

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Go to the right and look for the bathroom. Head to the far stall. Inside it, on the toilet, is the magazine. Magazine 5 edit live and love magazine in Fallout. Description edit live love: An Experience to remember a man and his dog are shown wearing space suits in orbit. Permanently gain 5 xp while adventuring with a companion Location edit goodneighbor - hotel Rexford go inside the hotel Rexford. Immediately go to the desk to your right. Sitting on the countertop is the magazine. Magazine 6 edit live and love magazine in Fallout. Description edit live love: Fabulous First Issue: Life long Best Friends. A boy and a protectron are shown walking along the beach at sunset.

Turn to the left. Below the stairs, across from the magazine 4 edit live and love magazine in Fallout. Description edit live love: Advice from Married Men. "He raised 10 kids and lived to tell about it!" A bald man is sitting in his arm chair. He is wearing blue pajama pants and a white tanktop. He is holding a pint glass with haar a yellow drink. In his other hand is a swathed up baby who looks like they are screaming. A woman with curlers in her hair wearing a purple gown with pink and teal polka dots and fuzzy pink slippers seems to be yelling at the man as well. A cat is looking at them. Companions permanently gain 5 Damage resistance and Energy resistance location edit goodneighbor - the Third rail go inside the Club: The Third rail.

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There is a large glass of cola which seems to have a feed to just in front of his face. Another hamburger and some fries can be seen on the tray in front of him. Companions permanently gain 10 carry weight. Location edit, wrvr broadcast Station, go inside the Broadcasting station. Head through to the swecond room. The schaamhaar magazine is sitting on the first table on the right that you come across in this room. Magazine 3 edit, live and love magazine in Fallout. Description edit live love: i married a robot a man in a tuxedo is leaning to kiss a robot which is reaching up to kiss him. Robot companions permanently inflict 5 damage location edit diamond City - schoolhouse This magazine is found in the school house. You can reach it easily from the market by heading to the west from the noodle stand. Go to the right immediately after you enter the school. Go to the beds in the back.

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Location edit, fiddler's Green Trailer Estates, this is a small location. Head into the trailer that is just to the east of the pool. Go inside the trailer. To the right of the entrance, on a small mental table in the back right corner is the magazine. Magazine 2 edit, live and love salon magazine in, fallout. Description edit, live love: Trim the fat! "Introducing the 'the Enabler 20XX! Now you can eat and exercise at the same time!". A man is running on a strange treadmill which has a belt against his belly. He is eating a hamburger.

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Live and love magazine in, fallout. Live and love magazine is a collectible found in the commonwealth. These, nine unique magazines offer unique perks. Contents, magazine 1 edit, live and love magazine in, fallout. Description edit, live love: The secretary Charmer. A suave looking man wearing sunglasses, which sit below his eyes, is giving a seductive look. Around the blue faced clock behind him, you can see 3 women. Two are mittel plainly swooning for him while the third has her back to him and the heart around her is breaking. This issue was.00 at its time of publishing. Permanently gain 25 xp from persuading women.

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You can check out Fallout 4, Alphabear, and Rock of Ages 2 for free on pc for the next few days. Fallout 4's New Vegas Mod looks Impressive in New Video. Check out gameplay footage from this upcoming pc mod that brings Fallout: New Vegas into the fallout 4 engine. Should you replay fallout 4 In VR? Exploring a nuclear war-ravaged Boston in vr is a treat, especially when you're not fending for your life.

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Elder Scrolls, fallout dev bethesda Opens a new Studio. Bethesda game Studios now has a studio in Austin, texas, but there's no word on what it's set to work. Fallout 4 And Two Other Games Playable for Free on Steam This weekend.

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Fallout 4's Textures Put On a disappearing Act potato mode. Joey and Rob take to the stage with Fallout 4's graphics, proving that even in The wasteland, there's still magic in the air (or maybe that's just the radiation). Fallout 4 Mod Remaking Fallout 3 Shut Down. Citing unforeseen legal entanglements, the creator of a mod to recreate fallout 3 inside its sequel has called off the ambitious project.

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